knoth automation

Established in 1962, Knoth Automation is a strategic partner of Harry Major Machine in the cleaning of manufactured parts. Knoth’s innovative compressed air technology solutions are ecologically beneficial and cost-efficient; their unique chamber and defined nozzle designs can fit any part based on your specific criteria. Harry Major Machine proudly offers all of Knoth’s dry air cleaning solutions, including:

  • Single and Dual Cleaning chambers
  • Vacuum chambers
  • Blow-off tunnels
  • Rotator Jet blow-offs

Knoth’s unique product offerings can interface with robotic integration and new or existing automation equipment.

We are also the sole provider and distributor of Knoth Automation equipment in North America.


Maxrotec was founded in 1995, and first introduced their cableless gantry system to the Korean market in 2003. The company is considered to be a worldwide leader in the field of industrial robotics and is based out of Dageou, South Korea. Our relationship with Maxrotec means that Harry Major Machine can offer our customers the best gantry systems on the market. We are the sole provider of Maxrotec equipment in North America and offer their full gantry product line. This includes:

  • Cabled gantry systems
  • Cableless gantry systems
  • Gantry carriage beams

MRT Automation, a service subsidiary of Maxortec, is also a closely aligned global service partner of Harry Major Machine. MRT Automation is based out of Jiangsu, China.