Assembly Systems

Whether you are looking to automate your entire assembly process or incorporate manual work stations, Harry Major Machine can design, build, and program custom assembly systems that work within your specific parameters. Our experience includes:

  • Vision Systems
  • Dot Matrix Laser Marking Systems
  • Torqueing and Press Fit Systems
  • Leak Testing
  • Part Feeding Systems
  • Temperature Measurement & Control Systems
  • Fluorescent Penetrant & Structural Measurement Systems
  • Robotic Deburr Systems

We are a full service integrator, incorporating each aspect of your production line into one cohesive assembly process. Harry Major Machine offers turnkey solutions that may include:

  • Incorporating a robotic or gantry system into your assembly process.
  • Incorporating your process into an existing production line.
  • Incorporating flexible tooling, allowing for future changes in product design or other manufacturing needs.

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