Harry Major Machine UK

Harry Major Machine UK was founded in 1979, and has since become a large presence in the field of automation manufacturing across greater continental Europe and Asia.

Originally “Freeman and Clark Engineering LTD,” founders Alan Freeman and Eddie Clark used their expansive engineering background and education to create a company that committed itself to excellence in Industrial Washing Machines and Automated Systems. The company was founded on three main principles, all of which still stand true today: innovative designs, competitive pricing, and the highest of quality. Out of a push for continued growth and expansion, U.S. based Harry Major Machine purchased the company in 1996. Eventually, the company name was changed to Harry Major Machine UK in 1999.

Today, HMM-UK has grown in both size and capabilities. HMM-UK services all the same industries as our U.S. division, giving us the ability to offer the same customized part handling and cleaning solutions to clients on a global scale. We also have a wide network of European based service partners to help with any new or existing service issues that may occur. We are ISO/QS 9000/TE and ISO 14001 certified, and have achieved Q1 status with Ford Motor Company.

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Paul Woodhouse, Managing Director
Sian Pritchard, Senior Manager
3 Gosforth Close
Middlefield Industrial Estate
Sandy, Bedfordshire, SG19 1RB

+44 1767 689500